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"Nom. This is a chew toy… right?" 😳 #NoBagelNo



(( ☼ “I do have those mornings, however, I find a source of energy one way or another. I wouldn’t last if I were to let myself feel that way all the time.” Just because something wasn’t easy, didn’t mean it was impossible. “It’s difficult for me to think positive at times, but I truly have nothing to complain about when looking at the big picture. Trouble-spot it if anything, yes? You should do the same.” Even with a plate full of trouble, he could finish them all off one by one, couldn’t he? Not at once is all. Which seemed like his issue right about now.

(( ☼ “You really should relax more often. It doesn’t help to think much if those thoughts never lead you anywhere, you know? Do some of those crazy ideas. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much. My life has been peaceful and average, and I’m content for now. Even if all my free time gives me too much space to dwell on the negatives.” By the time he was up for air, she had already taken a seat next to his side and placed her hand where it’d just brush his head. Wait for him to ease back down, aand start running her fingers through. Like old times. To some extent. “It’s been hard for you, hasn’t it?”


[ϟ] "You make it sound easier than it really is. Like you said, having too much free time when you’re by yourself makes your mind dwell on the negatives. They don’t lead me anywhere, no, but there’s no motivation to make me think otherwise." He’d told himself before, success is what he needed to focus on but as time went on nothing changed. As expected. Most of the negative energy was directed towards himself because of it and he sighed. Fingers going through his hair was far too comforting and was definitely something he’d missed.

[ϟ] "No one did say life was fair. Some people struggle more than others, whether they be trivial problems or not. Just gotta suck it up and deal with it, right?" Comfort was appreciated. Eyes closed halfway as he began to fiddle a piece of thread sticking out from the couch in between his fingers. "I think you’d have more luck with thinking more positive than I would. I mean, Lightning isn’t the best at giving me a response when I need advice. He’s one hell of a listener though." 


(( ☼ “Suppose I’ve been keeping my distance for that reason, really. I can offer to listen to you, but I can’t promise satisfaction in the end. Especially if the issues are pertinent to me.” Fine. ‘Hello’ hug it is— reluctant it may be, but she eased into his arms soon enough. She could say she’d missed him. She could say embracing him again was nostalgic, and brought back bittersweet memories, but she didn’t. She couldn’t, and she wouldn’t.

(( ☼ “What happened to Lightning?” Had it really been so long that even the darling’s health was starting to deteriorate? Only sixteen months old, wasn’t he? “Did he eat something strange?” Guilt felt heavy for having never noticed, but any apologies now would simply be empty. “If you’re stressed, and you’re upset, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted a ‘help’ hug. So what’s on your mind?”


[ϟ] Hug was appreciated but felt more forced than anything. He pulled away and went to sit himself down on the couch with a sigh. “I noticed he was walking kinda weird and brought him to the vet. Corgis get a lot of back problems because of how long their bodies are and how short their arms and legs are compared to them. Just some surgery to help him ease off the pain for now then we’ll see how things go.” One more quiet sigh and he fell over onto his side, eyes closed. “Do you ever have any of those days where no matter how much sleep you get, you’re just over all still exhausted?” Days could be an understatement.

[ϟ] An eye popped open to take a glance up at her and he shrugged. “I’ve had too many things on my mind lately. Mainly just trying to find myself I guess. I feel very lost on what to do and I don’t like it. There’s not much going for me right now and not in general for VOCALOIDS I think too.” Face buried into the couch and he laid silent for a few moments. A help hug. Being stressed and upset isn’t the half of it. “Have you been happy? Done any cool stuff you want to talk about? Like, jump out of a plane or learned how to roundhouse kick someone?” The idea was funny enough to pull half a smile to his face as he turned back up for air.



(( ☼ Sounded familiar. She’d been hated as of late, no surprise there. A sideways glance to avoid his simmering demeanor and jacket down on an armrest. “How come you’re here if Lightning’s having surgery?” Skipped the foremost question as to why. She knew why he’d done it. This feeling of being spited… it was all she knew now, really.

(( ☼ “I’ll actually pass on the pie. Every time you message me and invite me for food, we waste our time dawdling only on eating and not much actual talking gets done. This is repetitive. I’m not here to say I’m cutting our ties, but I believe it’s best you move on yourself.” If it was one thing she learned, “I’m poison.” Too much of a heavy dose and one could lose themselves. “I don’t believe it’s proper to be around me. Or speak to me. Be it a friend or significant other, I think it’s best I isolate myself from now on.” As to no longer burden anyone anymore.


[ϟ] A sigh. Thoughts needed to be cleared and the negativity needed to be drained again. Too much bottled up and he’d always revert back to before. He leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. “I’d been at the hospital earlier, but I decided to come up for just a bit. Shower and stuff since I was kind of a mess appearance wise, hah.” A hand reached up to the back of his neck and he squeezed it.

[ϟ] "Inviting you over to eat for food is just the only times that you respond to my messages. Believe it or not, it’s still refreshing and nice to see you even if it’s just that. Who’s to say I haven’t moved on? I’m slow, remember?" Len shook his head and took a step towards her. "Being alone won’t do you any good either. I still want to be a friend for you to talk to whenever you need it. We rarely see each other as is, right?" Half a smile tugged at his lips and his arms opened. "I still want my ‘hello’ hug."


(( ☼ Indeed she did keep the key. Locked up and away someplace where it was easily forgotten, but convenient when needed. It would’ve been terrible of her if she kept it out somewhere open. Who knows how many wrongs she could have done in the midst of a toxic zone.
                                                        “Hello, sir.”
                 Certainly been a while. Look at that hair of his. “Is this the right house? I’m sure I was told there’d be a certain fluffy minion waiting for me over here.”


[ϟ] Wonders what time can do to a person. Lately it’s been difficult to suppress anger and every other emotion asides from happiness. The pie had returned to the fridge in hopes of keeping it cool after sitting out for a while. Seated in the couch, nothing else occupied him except for the running TV about some paranormal experiences. True, he hadn’t gotten a haircut in a while but it was still manageable.

[ϟ] "What’s with the formality?" Though by now they’d become more than strangers. Up on his feet and he turned around with half a smile. "Not today. It’s surgery day for the little guy, if you have any left over time you can go see him later." No idea on how to greet her came to mind, instead many other thoughts took place. "You look good." Not necessarily the same for him, nonetheless. Mainly the hair. "Sit, I’ll go get the pie."



(( ☼ Better late than never. Suppose she can swallow those words herself.

Happy pi day! Belated, but I don't mind the least. There's also no way I can refuse if you'd made one for me. Is it banana cream? I'll be over in a bit.

[ϟ] Ah. So the number was indeed the same. In all honesty, a message in return wasn’t expected at all but he appreciated it. A smile was permanent on his face just seeing the little name and hearing that distinct tone. No shame in putting little to no hesitation in responding.


Not in specific, at least. I did make one banana cream pie but the one for you was orange meringue. I’m off today, so just give the door or knock or come on in.

[ϟ] Assuming she still had the key that is.